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Dokus is an advanced document management system. It allows handling any case in electronic form from the moment of its registration at the appropriate workstation until its completion. It also supports the circulation of paper documents through the ability to add digital copy of any paper document and previewing it at any stage of the case. Latest technologies were used to build the Dokus system of document circulation, therefore fast integration with external and domain systems is possible.

*Sytem Dokus is full intergrated with AdAS and e-Obywatel.


Modeler is used to define the automatic document flow.The tool in an easy way allows for a graphical representation of document flow with defining tasks, contractors and criteria for the transition. On the basis of path defined in this way, Dokus automatically monitors and executes the given process. This tool is able to verify the correctness of created model. The use of drag and drop mechanism in the modeler renders it very easy and intuitive for the user to create the flow model.

obrazek modeler
obrazek Nowoczesny wygląd i pasek skrótów

design and shortcut bar

Modern design and intuitive handling is possible thanks to the use of the system ribbon, which contextually shows appropriate buttons depending on the place you are at and permissions you have.

Generator of reports
of packages sent to the post office

This functionality makes it possible to generate a report of sent packages directly in the system and then print the report. Before printing, report preview is displayed in the dialog box without the need to install external applications.

obrazek Generator raportu przesyłek nadanych na pocztę 
obrazek Podgląd odwzorowań

Document preview

Applied tool allows you at any stage of process to preview letters, documents and attachments forming documentation of the case, regardless of the copy format. It also has the ability to print, zoom and text search. By using a dialog box for preview, the view of letter and the attachment is available for the whole period of working on the case. To preview you do not need any external computer program.

with Office

By implementing a special addition in text editor and MS Office spreadsheet, it is possible to automatically send edited documents to Dokus. This functionality eliminates the need to store any edited files on disk, and then attaching them to the cases in DMS. The mechanism also supports document versioning.

obrazek Komunikacja z MS Office
obrazek system raportowania

Report system

To create reports and statements a Stimulsoft module was implemented in the system. It allows the creation of any statements, reports and charts. It has a rich and intuitive interface. Applied technology provides the ability to design, view and print reports directly in your web browser. Report designer includes a large number of visual tools for creating reports. This significantly reduces the time of their creation. Set of reporting tools allows creating reports of any complexity. Using the export option, users can export a report, e.g. to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office format.

with ePUAP2

Thanks to integration with ePUAP, system automatically records all packages in the register of incoming mail, including attachments. The system supports forms and enables signing documents with qualified signature and trusted profile and allows sending documents directly via ePUAP. This solution greatly simplifies handling matters in the field of collecting and delivery of letters by electronic means.

obrazek integracja z ePUAP2
obrazek przedstawia integrację z adresem email

with e-mail

By configuring your e-mail in Dokus system, it is possible to receive e-mail messages with all attachments. This functionality allows for quick registration of e-mails in the system and lets to instantly process these documents. Dokus system also allows you to configure outgoing mailbox and supports sending e-mail messages from the system.

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